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The 573 Film Festival is Back!


After making its new permanent home in Perryville, Missouri, the 573 Film Festival has big plans for its triumphant return, bringing fun and excitement to the small film-friendly town October 14th, 15th, and 23rd.


The festival is held every year with short films from all over the world, and it highlights many local filmmakers as well.  In addition to showing films, the festival holds workshops, talks, networking events, and the super popular 573 Kids Film Workshop and Red Carpet Event.  And this year will be the first year that the festival will also stream for those who can't attend. 

CLICK HERE for a list of special presentations, guest speakers, and events.

CLICK HERE to view this year's Official Selection list.

CLICK HERE for full Schedule.


A non-profit sponsor-supported community event, 573 Film Festival is on a mission to give a voice and a platform to filmmakers trying to get their start here in the local area.  With no entry fee for participants or spectators, 573 Film Festival has provided an amazing opportunity to area filmmakers and film fans alike.   


As mentioned before, a very large part of the 573 Film Festival that has become very popular since its introduction is the 573 Kids Film Workshop.  Children 18 and under are welcome to come and partake in the opportunity to help create a film which will be screened the following weekend in a special Red Carpet Event.  Each participant will be assigned to a crew, given a script, and will have the chance to learn whatever position interests them; director, actor, sound, lighting, set design, make-up, etc… And after they experience what it’s like to make a film, they will get to experience the joy of watching their creation on the big screen!

Registration is required.  $25 Fee includes water bottles and snacks.


For more information, or to sign up to be a volunteer, email AJ

Interested in becoming a sponsor?  Contact Denelle

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