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Feb 16, 17 & 18 

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573 Film Festival 2024

On Feb 16, 17, and 18, 2024, we will be holding the Annual 573 Film Festival. This three-day FREE to attend event includes 50 plus films from all over the world, networking, workshops, music, actors, directors, guest speakers, film financing talks, film premieres, and more...



Peter Vincent Carlos, Professor of Cinema Arts at Lindenwood University [Screening of 'Poke the Bear']

Stylist LaKrisha Moore [Screening of 'Catskill Manor']

Actor Scott Dunn [Sneak Peeking 'Two Heads']

Director Chris Grega [Screening 'Red Night at Skye's']

Director of SEMO Arts Council Kelly Downs [Presenting Kids Film Workshop Awards]

2024 Judges:  LaKrisha Moore, Kyle Hinton, Sheena Standing Bear, Thomas Smugala

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Welcome to the fifth annual 573 Film Festival. The 573 Film Festival will present independent films, shorts, trailers, documentaries, TV pilots and experimental films from around the region and select films from outside the area. The festival is put on by independent filmmakers. To us, indie means blood, sweat, and tears -we’ve been there. It means overcoming insurmountable obstacles and loving it. It means ignoring naysayers and dream squashers and doing it anyway. The indie spirit is alive and well in the 573 region. 573 Film Festival is here to support local filmmakers. We're here to support their passion. We need your help. 


Donate. Submit. Attend.

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Honored that my film, KNEE HIGH, was selected for this festival. Awesome communication and well updated social media profiles.

Marissa Vonn - Director

Thanks so much to the 573 Short Film Festival!  Our short film FLYOVER received a Mucky Award and we loved being a part of the event.

Brian White - Producer

This was a delightful little festival. The organizers were great. And it was quite entertaining to see the films that kids made in their film camp. Such fun!

Lori Potts



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